A Companion to Latin Greece by Nickiphoros I Tsougarakis, Fellow Peter Lock (Au

By Nickiphoros I Tsougarakis, Fellow Peter Lock (Au

The conquest of the Byzantine Empire through the armies of the Fourth campaign ended in the root of a number of Latin political entities within the lands of Greece. The better half to Latin Greece deals thematic overviews of the historical past of the combined societies that emerged as a result conquest.
With committed chapters at the artwork, literature, structure, numismatics, financial system, social and non secular corporation and the crusading involvement of those Latin states, the amount bargains an advent to the research of Latin Greece and a sampler of the instructions within which the sphere of analysis is moving.

Contributors are: Nikolaos Chrissis, Charalambos Gasparis, Anastasia Papadia-Lala, Nicholas Coureas, David Jaccoby, Julian Baker, Gill web page, Maria Georgopoulou and Sophia Kalopissi-Verti.

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47 Some include particularly useful information on the topography of medieval Greece, tastes and fashions and local customs as well as on the conditions of travel through the Aegean. Byzantine sources also give us important insights into the history of Latin Greece, again though with a Constantinopolitan bias. 51 The Present Volume Given the complexity of the history of medieval Greece and the abundance of specialised studies on the topic, writing the political history of the Latin states 47 See for example Felix Fabri, Evagatorium in Terrae Sanctae, Arabiae et Egypti peregrinationem, ed.

Le registre de Benoit xi, befar (Paris, 1903), nos. 1006–07 (however, Benedict cancelled his concessions to Charles of Valois, only one week after granting them, on account of the turbulent circumstances in the kingdom of France: no. 1008); Regestum Clementis Papae V, ed. monachi ordinis s. Benedicti, 10 vols. (Rome, 1885–92), nos. 243–48, 1755–59; Thomas, Diplomatarium, 1: nos. 27–28. 36 Chrissis the Peace of Caltabellotta, had been enlisted by Andronikos ii in 1303 to fight against the Turks in Asia Minor; but relations with the Byzantines soon soured and the Catalans, ambitious and insubordinate, had slipped out of imperial control, devastating Thrace from their base at Gallipoli.

Moreover, the existence of a Greek version of this pro-Frankish text raises intriguing questions about the position of the Greeks, or some Greeks within the principality. Page examines the 22 Tsougarakis questions that these texts, as well as the Greek Romances of possible Moreot origin raise, while placing them in their western European and Byzantine literary context. The interaction between Latins and Greeks was also reflected in the built environment that the two groups shared in the Latin states.

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