Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks by Terrance I. Norton

By Terrance I. Norton

Oil leaks from aboveground tanks have infected soil and water, threatening human future health and flora and fauna. to avoid harm from oil spills, the Environmental security employer (EPA) issued the Spill Prevention, keep an eye on, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule in 1973. EPA's 10 areas check up on oil garage amenities to make sure compliance with the guideline. EPA estimates that approximately 571,000 amenities are topic to this rule. a few states additionally control oil garage tanks. GAO decided how EPA areas enforce the SPCC software, the information EPA has to enforce and overview this system, and no matter if a few states' tank courses recommend methods for EPA to enhance its software. GAO surveyed all 10 EPA areas and interviewed officers in EPA and 6 states chosen at the foundation of specialists' innovations, between different standards.

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The total should equal the number of individuals entered for question 12. In calculating your responses, please consider all SPCC-related activities, including planning for inspections, conducting outreach to facilities, visiting facilities, and documenting inspection results. Number of Individuals Less than 25% of their time Data Accuracy 63 Between 25% and 50% of their time 9 Between 50% and 75% of their time 5 More than 75% of their time 18 Total (from question 12) 95 Government auditing standards require that GAO assess the accuracy of data we use in our reports.

In addition, if any information is later collected on the actual source or facility responsible for an oil spill, NRC does not update its database. Consequently, NRC data generally can alert SPCC program 14 NRC is the federal government’s national communications center and the national point of contact for spill reporting. S. Coast Guard—tasked with responding to spills. It is staffed 24 hours a day by Coast Guard officers and marine science technicians. 24 Terrance I. Norton officials to the possibility that SPCC facilities may be in the area of a reported spill rather than positively identifying any facilities as being subject to the rule.

Six States Obtain Data That Enable Them to Inspect the Full Universe of Their Regulated Tanks The six states we contacted—Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia—have oil tank requirements and inspection processes that differ in some respects from each others’ and from EPA’s. Specifically, the type of regulated tanks or facilities may differ from those subject to the SPCC rule. Table 3 summarizes the number and types of tanks subject to regulation in the six states and key actions required by these regulations.

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