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Access Technologies: DSL and Cable by James H. Green

By James H. Green

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The second reason is that it is easier to control latency and jitter, which are critical quality of service (QoS) elements in real-time applications such as voice and video. If a cell is lost in transmission, it has a minimal impact on quality because the amount of voice or video information contained in one cell is negligible. An ATM header carries a virtual path indicator (VPI) and a virtual channel indicator (VCI). These correspond to ATM’s two types of circuits: virtual paths and virtual channels.

Rates of 52 Mbps can be supported over a 1000ft (330-m) range, but the rate drops to about 13 Mbps beyond 4500 ft (1500 m). 3 Mbps. It can be overlaid over POTS lines. 5 Mbps downstream over a range of up to 18,000 ft (5,500 m). Data Digital Subscriber Line Access Technology 59 travels much more slowly in the upstream direction—in the 64- to 640-kbps range. For residential Web surfing, ADSL is an excellent alternative because the nature of the application is asymmetric. Many business applications require symmetrical bandwidth, however, so ADSL may not be adaptable in many cases.

A simple filter separates voice and data. Hybrids and echo cancelers are not needed with CAP systems because the two directions of transmission are separate. The Digital Subscriber Line Access Technology 57 modems use adaptive equalization to overcome, to some degree, the effects of bridged tap, gauge changes, and splices. CAP is a proprietary protocol, but despite its lack of standard status, it has a large following. Spectral Compatibility The degree to which DSL signals can coexist in the same cable is a matter of concern to the ILECs.

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