Advanced Production Decline Analysis and Application by Hedong Sun

By Hedong Sun

In fresh years, creation decline-curve research has develop into the main common device within the for oil and gasoline reservoir creation research. in spite of the fact that, so much curve research is completed by means of laptop at the present time, selling a "black-box" method of engineering and leaving engineers with little history within the basics of decline research. Advanced construction Decline research and Application begins from the elemental inspiration of complex creation decline research, and carefully discusses numerous decline tools, similar to Arps, Fetkovich, Blasingame, Agarwal-Gardner, NPI, brief, lengthy linear stream, and FMB. a pragmatic systematic creation to every procedure is helping the reservoir engineer comprehend the actual and mathematical versions, resolve the kind curves and fit up research, study the tactics and examples, and reconstruct all of the examples via hand, giving technique to grasp the basics at the back of the software program. An appendix explains the nomenclature and significant equations, and as an extra bonus, on-line desktop courses can be found for obtain.

  • Understand the main finished and present checklist of decline equipment, together with Arps, Fetkovich, Blasingame, and Agarwal-Gardner
  • Gain professional wisdom with rules, strategies, real-world instances and box examples
  • Includes on-line downloadable computing device courses on Blasingame decline style curves and normalized pseudo-pressure of gasoline wells

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83) into Eq. 84) Separating and integrating Eq. 86) Therefore, when the bounded elastic drive oil well is produced at a constant pressure, the decline law conforms to the exponential form; the decline rate is adversely proportional to the producing geological reserves and proportional to the productivity index. 6 Decline Equation of Multilayer Oil Well—Constant Pressure Production Assume that N pay zones are opened in the oil well, there is no exchange of fluid between layers, the oil well is producing at constant BHFP, the difference of initial formation pressure can be ignored, and all layers meet the material balance condition of bounded elastic drive reservoir.

122) Based on Eq. 123) As to harmonic decline, based on Eq. 124) Based on Eq. 10. 10 Arps dimensionless decline flow rate integral vs. 126) Substituting Eq. 112) into Eq. 128) Rearranging Eq. 129) t Dd t Dd ∫q Dd (τ )dτ − qDd (t Dd ) 0 Substituting Eq. 119) into Eq. 130) As to the exponential decline, based on Eq. 131) Based on Eq. 132) Arps Decline Curves Analysis 57 As to the hyperbolic decline, based on Eq. 133) Based on Eq. 134) As to the harmonic decline, based on Eq. 135) Based on Eq. 11.

72) is the hyperbolic decline equation. 73) Substituting Eq. 73) into Eq. 74) Integrating Eq. 75) Substituting Eq. 75) into Eq. 76) Obviously, α a1 e − b1Sw = qi Let Di = a1 b1 α B − b1Swc e Vϕ Eq. 77) Eq. 72) is the harmonic decline equation. 78) Arps Decline Curves Analysis 47 Differentiating Eq. 79) The left of Eq. 79) is the instantaneous producing rate of the oil well; then Eq. 80) Based on the rate equation of steady flow Eq. 82) As to constant BHFP production state, the differential of Eq.

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