Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics, Volume

This complaints includes papers offered on the Electronics in severe Environments, overseas gasoline Cells and similar platforms, and complex Dielectrics for instant Communications symposia.

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This increase is necessary to achieve an energy density higher than 10 J/cm3, which is a projected long range goal for bulk materials to be used on the all electric ship. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) glass was made by mixing high purity BaCC<3, SrCC>3, Ti0 2 , AI2O3, Si02, and refining agents such as B 2 0 3 , BaF, and P2O5 where indicated. The appropriate amount of each powder was added to form several batches of BST with barium stoichiometries of 50,70 and 80 mol%, while keeping the glass former content between 20 and 28 Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics 35 mol%.

At each interface within the composite, a certain amount of the incident energy, /,, is reflected, Rj. Additionally, another packet of energy is viscously damped, and a Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics 37 final amount of incident energy is removed via piezoelectric (shape memory) loss mechanisms. The piezoelectric and viscous effects have a normal and a shear component. The net shear loss, Sj, is the sum of all of the viscous and all of the piezoelectric shear components. The net normal losses, Dp is the sum of the viscous and piezoelectric normal components.

Piezoelectrics, on the other hand, require only 30 MPa of incident energy amplitude, but are not as efficient as SMAs at dispersing the incident energy. Other active materials, such as magnetostrictive materials, also serve to damp ambient vibrations, however, these materials are very inefficient at energy dispersion, and can only disperse vibrations less than 30 MPa. , a bilayer film stack as shown in Figure 1. The technical concept for using the piezoelectric and shape memory alloy in the bilayer thin film 36 Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics composite structure relies on the inherent non-linear deformations produced when these materials are mechanically loaded.

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