Algebraic structure theory of sequential machines by Juris Hartmanis

By Juris Hartmanis

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Our choice broadly reflects the value we place on life in good health and thus we can deduce from these considerations the criteria for the economic value of safety provisions, health care, or any intervention designed to improve the quality of life. Of course, there are other aspects of the enjoyment of life that are not captured by such simple representations, but they would be harder to draw into account. The economic equivalent of a lifetime in good health, however, is implied in any social indicator that has wealth and life expectancy as components.

The capacity is derived directly from Eq. 3 by rewriting: -dG/dE > KG/E = C. 4] Thus, as described in detail by Pandey et al. (2006) and illustrated in Fig. ), Gw; Employment, M; the average number of hours worked per worker; the population P; and the expectancy of life in good health at birth, E. From these, five other national time series are calculated: the labor exponent, β; the work-time fraction, w; the LQI exponent, K; the labor-demographic factor D = K/E; and then the SCCR, C = DG. 32 32 GDP per person The Engineering Decisions for Life Quality G Labour Exponent LQI β Labour component of GDP Gw Employment M LQI Exponent K Capacity SCCR C Average hours worked Population h w P D= K/E Life Expectancy at birth E Fig.

Life expectancy, which is an estimate of the average number of years of life left to each individual in a group, is calculated on the basis of observed age-specific mortality rates at any specific time for the group. It is therefore not influenced by the age pyramid of the population, allows a direct comparison of trends over time and among countries, and is relatively well understood. Life expectancy has the advantage of being measured in years of life – a concrete measurement that is meaningful in terms of individual experience ….

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