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This shows how the ownership levels will continue to rise for some appliances and in some countries while satura­ tion effects will set in for other products. In the United States, for instance, most households already own all the energyusing equipment they need. In other countries, ownership levels are still rising and are projected to level off by the year 2000. The efficiency of these products is also projected to improve even in the Trends Continued Case. Improvements are expected to be most pronounced in the United States where appliances consume much more energy than European appliances.

The Heating Supply Act of 1979 divides the country into regions by type of heating. The Act is to promote the rational use of energy and reduce the country's oil dependence. District heating and gas are to be about two-thirds of the heating for the built environment. The rest is to be supplied by non-traditional energy sources, electricity and oil. The type of fuel used for heating is to be determined by the density of buildings. District heating, for example, is to be used in towns with more than 5000 dwellings while natural gas is to be used on housing estates of more than 400 dwellings.

2 Stationary population in industrial countries Region and Country Western Europe Belgium Denmark France Federal Republic of Germany Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands United Kingdom 1980 Population (millions) 2000 Population (millions) Size of Stationary Population (millions) Year of reaching stationary population 10 5 54 10 5 58 10 5 61 2025 2020 2030 61 3 57 62 4 61 62 5 63 2000 2060 2030 - - - - 9 15 10 17 10 19 2055 2085 17 11 36 22 17 11 41 26 18 12 47 29 2015 2030 2060 2075 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 267 314 356 2060 United States of America 259 283 2030 Eastern Europe Bulgaria Czechoslovakia German D e m o ­ cratic Republic Hungary Poland Romania 14 56 227 16 58 16 60 2025 2025 Source: World Bank (1981).

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