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ATLAS DE PARASITOLOGIA by Myriam Consuelo Lopez

By Myriam Consuelo Lopez

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Arrows indicate the regionally expanding shoreline of the superventricle with increase in stockbuilding NEP cells. Arrows indicate the regionally shrinking shoreline of the superventricle as NEP cells are depleted while generating neurons. 5 mm M2155 Level 14: Section 572 The large cell-sparse superarachnoid reticulum defines various brain parenchymal expansion zones. It is sandwiched between external (dural) and internal (pial) vascular networks. Superarachnoid reticulum (cell sparse) Superior sagittal sinus Peripheral neural and non-neural structures labeled Future skin and skull (cell dense) Future dura (cell dense internal border of skull) Pia Pial vascular network Dural vascular network Level 14: Computer-aided 3-D Brain Reconstruction Future squamous occipital bone?

Isthmal canal Trochlear nuclear NEP? ISTHMUS Isthmal NEP CEREBELLUM Lateral lemniscus Migrating isthmal neurons Layers of the cerebellar transitional field CTF1 (fibers) CTF2 (cells-deep neurons) CTF3 (fibers) CTF4-5 (cells-deep neurons)? CTF6 (cells-Purkinje cells) Cerebellar NEP Medial cerebellar notch Upper rhombic lip metencephalic pool Lateral cerebellar notch rhombencephalic superventricle (future fourth ventricle) MEDULLA myelencephalic pool Medullary velum Vestibular nuclei Lower rhombic lip Migrating precerebellar nuclear neurons Precerebellar NEP Posterior intramural migratory stream (inferior olivary neurons)?

Midline raphe glial system GEP Midline raphe glial structure RHOMBENCEPHALON SPINAL CORD FONT KEY: ventricular divisions - capitals Germinal zone - Helvetica bold Transient structure - Times bold italic Permanent structure - Times Roman or Bold ABBREVIATIONS: CTF - Cerebellar transitional field G/EP - Glioepithelium/ependyma GEP - Glioepithelium NEP - Neuroepithelium Floor plate Ventral spinal G/EP Intermediate spinal NEP Settling inferior olive neurons Ventral horn interneurons Lateral funiculus Intermediate gray central canal Dorsal spinal NEP Roof plate Dorsal funiculus Dorsal gray Arrows indicate the presumed direction of neuron migration from neuroepithelial sources.

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