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AutoIt v3: Your Quick Guide by Andy Flesner

By Andy Flesner

AutoIt is changing into more and more renowned within the approach management box as a device for automating administrative initiatives. even if this can be certainly one of its extra renowned makes use of, you should use AutoIt to automate something in a home windows setting. This strong scripting language can run any software and manage keyboard and mouse enter. With its RunAs aid, directors can practice unattended installations and configuration adjustments utilizing embedded administrative privileges. This consultant teaches you the rules of the AutoIt v3 language. you'll find out about variables and comprises, graphical person interfaces, user-defined capabilities, and conditional and loop statements. you'll then observe what you've gotten realized in examples concerning the procedure management box. The examples during this brief reduce can be utilized to create whatever from a video game amendment to a logon script that verifies home windows updates.

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Exe is referenced in this script;it is listed later in this guide as User Lockout. Example 19. ") Exit EndFunc Proxy Server Detector for Internet Explorer The program in Example 20 pings proxy servers and sets Internet Explorer to use the first proxy that it can ping successfully. Replace “proxy1,” “proxy2,” “proxy3,” etc. with valid proxy server IP addresses, and replace “portnumber” with a valid port number for the respective proxy server. Example 20. EXE") ; Run Internet Explorer User Lockout Example 21 uses a purposely failed network drive mapping to the C$ admin share on the local machine repeatedly to lock out a user’s account.

You are not currently running " & _ any anti-virus protection and your account has been locked out. Case statement $currentdate = ( @YEAR & "/" & @MON & "/" & @MDAY ) ; pieces together system ; variables to come up with the date in YYYY/MM/DD format $datediff = _DateDiff( 'd', $datdate, $currentdate) ; calculates the date ; difference between the current date and the DAT date EndFunc Select Case $sLongDayName = $weekday = 2 Case $sLongDayName = $weekday = 2 Case $sLongDayName = $weekday = 2 Case $sLongDayName = $weekday = 2 Case $sLongDayName = $weekday = 2 "Monday" "Tuesday" "Wednesday" "Thursday" "Friday" AutoIt v3: Your Quick Guide 38 Case $sLongDayName = "Saturday" $weekday = 0 Case $sLongDayName = "Sunday" $weekday = 1 EndSelect If $datediff >= (5 + $weekday) Then ; If the DAT is 5 business days old or older If $username = "Administrator" Then ; pops up an error and closes the script ; if Administrator is the logged in user MsgBox(0,"Anti-Virus Out of Date","Your are currently logged onto a " & _ "machine with out of date Anti-Virus.

Exe and extract its contents to C:\MSTOOLS \BIN. exe. exe. When viewing objects within the OLE/COM Object Viewer, only those objects with a TypeLib and an IDispatch control can be used within AutoIt. Quit ; closes Excel EndWith For more detailed information about COM objects, please read the AutoIt v3 help file. Automation Examples With its abilities to modify the registry, copy files, run as another user, control keyboard and mouse input, and use COM objects, there isn’t much you can’t do with AutoIt.

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