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Balance of Payments Adjustment: Macro Facets of by Augustine C. Arize, Theologos H. Bonitsis, Ioannis

By Augustine C. Arize, Theologos H. Bonitsis, Ioannis Kallianiotis, Krishna Kasibhatla, John Malindretos

A close research of the 2 ways, financial and conventional Keynesian, to overseas adjustment and stability of funds.

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Consider a devaluation. Under the Traditional approach, the trade balance will improve every year in the future due to the increased competitiveness of the domestic producers, with the exception of an adjustment path described by the ‘‘J’’ curve. The Monetary approach rejects this scenario and argues, instead, that the effect of the devaluation will be temporary. The higher import prices increase the price level in the devaluing country and create an excess demand for money to restore real balances.

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