Beyond Free Trade: Alternative Approaches to Trade, Politics by K. Ervine, G. Fridell

By K. Ervine, G. Fridell

The realm of alternate is altering speedily, from the 'rise of the South' to the expansion of unconventional tasks like reasonable exchange and carbon buying and selling. past loose exchange advances other ways for figuring out those new dynamics, in accordance with old, political, or sociological equipment that transcend the constraints of traditional exchange economics.

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Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Wickizer, V. , 1951. Coffee, Teas and Cocoa. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press. , 1969. Theodor Wille, 1844–1969. Hamburg, Germany: Verlag Hanseatischer Merkur. 3 Food Regimes and Food Import Dependence: An Analysis of Jamaica’s Food Imports, 1950–2000 John M. Talbot1 Introduction The international trade rules in place since the 1950s have created heavy dependence on imported food across the Global South. In the early 1950s, most of these countries (or soon-to-be-independent colonies) were self-sufficient in food, and many were net food exporters.

But this is sufficient to point the way for analysis. We should expect the leading sectors or complexes of each food regime to contribute in some way to increasing the food import dependency of Jamaica. As these complexes spread and at least some elements of the populations of more and more countries are drawn into them, we would expect consumption of, and trade in, their products to increase, cumulatively increasing food import dependence among many developing countries. The analysis that follows therefore concentrates on characteristic products of the leading complexes of the second and third food regimes: wheat, beef, chicken, milk, potatoes, onions, and processed forms of these products.

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