Birds of Prey in Europe by Maarten Bijleveld

By Maarten Bijleveld

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Reports a very high percentage of recovered Goshawks, the majority of which had been shot. According to Hankioja and Hankioja (I970), at least I4% of the total population is killed annually by man. ). Denmark. , 1947). c. ). ). The partially published results are shown in table 3· Tillisch (in Paludan, I967) reports, with respect to the approximately 17,000 birds of prey shot in I949-50, that one man in Rodby had accounted for 408 individuals. Only one-quarter to one-third had been shot by gamekeepers, the balance having been taken by hunters.

The majority of the birds of prey delivered were Kestrels, Buzzards and Sparrow Hawks. Based on the data collected it was estimated that at least about 5,ooo raptors were destroyed around Siena in one shooting season. As the district of Siena represents I/79 of the Italian territory, this reflects the scale of destruction taking place throughout the country . Austria. The persecution of birds of prey by hunters has always been and still is actively pursued in Austria. Bau (I9I2) described the destruction that occurred before the First World War.

Schiermann (1925) too describes the intense persecution of the Peregrine and the Goshawk by hunters, foresters and egg collectors. In the Sachsische Schweiz before, during and after the First World War, for example, the eyries of Peregrines were regularly plundered. Up to I9I6, a mountain climber emptied one or two eyries yearly (Zimmermann, I924)· Drescher (I923) reports for Silesia for the single year of I 922 that a keeper shot 68 Marsh Harriers and within 8 days during the spring migration 3 foresters shot 20 Goshawks.

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