Black Hand Over Europe by Henri Pozzi

By Henri Pozzi

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Guardians of Republicanism: The Valori Family in the Florentine Renaissance

Guardians of Republicanism analyses the political and highbrow historical past of Renaissance Florence-republican and princely-by targeting 5 generations of the Valori family members, every one of which performed a dynamic function within the city's political and cultural existence. The Valori have been early and influential supporters of the Medici kin, yet have been additionally the most important individuals within the city's periodic republican revivals in the course of the Renaissance.

Le sucre: production, commercialisation et usages dans la Mediterranee medievale (The Medieval Mediterranean) (French Edition)

The subsequent research analyses the criteria at the back of the unfold of sugar cane from the East to the West, the geography of its institution within the Mediterranean period and reconstitutes the procedures of sugar construction and the corporation of labor within the plantations and medieval sugar factories. It questions the standard of sugar produced and the evolution of costs of this commodity.

Heavily Modified Water Bodies: Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe

Disclaimer The paintings pronounced during this ebook used to be conducted ahead of the book of the ultimate assistance rfile on seriously transformed and synthetic Water our bodies of the Water Framework Directive universal Implementation approach. the ecu fee, the venture donors, the undertaking managers, the operating staff on seriously transformed Water our bodies of the typical Implementation process and the authors don't unavoidably propose all techniques that have been taken within the case reviews which are stated.

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What do you expect would happen? We will exterminate a few dozen brigands, to the great satisfaction of the peaceful populations whom they terrorise; we will burn their haunts; King Boris and his clique will be eclipsed, and a few weeks later, in an unanimous spirit, the Bulgars, liberated by us, will proclaim their intention to unite with Yugoslavia. "And I, my dear Doctor," I said, "am persuaded to the contrary. The entry of your troops into Bulgaria will rise against you the entire country. In all Bulgaria there will be but one desire.

It is taken from the Manual of the Soldier, edited by Colonel Kostich of the general staff, under the direction of the government of Belgrade. I cite it word for word: "All our provinces are not yet reunited to our kingdom. The Italians still hold all of Istria with Goritza, Gradisca and Trieste as far as Izonzo; the city of Zara and its surrounding country, the islands of Cherso, Lussin, Lastua and Pelagosa, as well as the southern part of Slovenia. Austria still holds the northern part of Carinthia Steiermark.

The official manifestations, the academic discourses, the telegrams celebrating the fraternity of arms and the celebrations of victory, all that means precisely nothing. They are obligatory gestures and vain words. In reality, their respect for France rests on advantages which accrue to the government of Yugoslavia. Their respect will last so long as these advantages continue. Not a day more, not an hour! The clique which directs Yugoslavia would have cast France off long ago had they been able to get along without us.

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