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Body Reveals: Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the by Ron Kurtz

By Ron Kurtz

Physique unearths: Illustrated advisor to the Psychology of the physique

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The head is usually tilted to one side and eyes are vacant and distant. Moving like a puppet on a string and looking like nothing so much as a broken doll, any vitality is experienced as an almost demonic force threatening to blow the self to pieces. He or she has all life’s survival mechanisms employed in holding all the parts together. In most other situations of a core-ground insecurity, the level of reactive holding on the part of the outer muscular layer is such that the individual is able to confront life’s demands.

With this rotation, the ankle and knee joint are less stressed and so better able to transmit the weight through the center of the foot. As this occurs, the entire lower extremity is able to relax and exchange energy with the earth. In fact, when the feet are askew, the lower extremities begin to take on both the appearance and feel of two rigid bars bent backward at the knee. The foot, therefore, has a great deal to do with our energy exchange with the ground. It is the base of our whole structure, and transmits its own deficiencies upward.

Unfortunately, in our culture this is impractical. Shoes, therefore, should be of good quality and of soft leather, to allow adequate flexibility in the small joints of the foot and the ankle. They should give good support to the arch and the heel and should not be elevated, as this tends to pitch the body forward, throwing the entire weight-bearing axis off and causing considerable stress on the legs and spine (especially at the level of the lower back). It is easy to imagine the pain and discomfort of the many women who walk about with their feet squeezed into shoes which are too tight, with heels that are too high.

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